Thursday, January 06, 2011

Who wants to be an outlier? Malcolm Gladwell tells us how ...

In his book, Outliers : the story of success, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that a high IQ is not enough. We need our family, friends, culture, hard work (the 10,000 hour rule) and even a bit of luck in order to become an extraordinary successful person, an outlier.

Is he just stating the obvious? Rather, I think it is his impassioned plea to the community to look after each other. The individual just cannot make it alone.

Writing as a "pop social psychologist", he is at once controversial, but immensely popular with the mass reading public. If you want to read about his contrarian views on success, you probably need to reserve his book - it's always on loan - or save the reservation fee and read his eAudiobook. His two other runaway bestsellers, Blink and Tipping Point are also available from Hurstville eLibrary 24/7 to download.

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