Wednesday, March 24, 2010

America vs Britain

I have always felt a sense of confusion and panic when spelling the word centre... or is that center. Ah. Thankfully I stumbled upon Susan Jones' American vs. British Spelling Differences. Maybe I will memorise this so when someone manoeuvres to criticise (I am looking at you Microsoft Word) correct spelling I can stop any arguement and be skilful in defence by pointing to this site. What a great programme, maybe I should add it to our catalogue? Thanks Susan.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Museums Australia NSW Chapter Representatives meeting - an LMG presentation

On Thursday 18th March 2010, the LMG Manager visited Parramatta Heritage Centre for the Museums Australia NSW Chapter Representatives meeting. She spoke to particpants about a few LMG on-line initatives.

You can view an image of our old website too. Change is a good thing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Aquisition - Australian Army Dress Jacket

Australian Army issue service dress jacket

Uniform used in Sydney and Brisbane by a local resident who was a member of the Women’s Land Army during World War II.
Australian Women's Army Service khaki woollen service dress jacket buttoning down the front with four oxidised brass 'Australian Military Forces' buttons and a map of Australia and crown. The jacket is fully lined and has four pockets, two inset below the waist with flaps over the openings, and two pleated breast pockets with buttoned flaps. The jacket has brass oxidised rising sun collar badge on the right lapel and 'AWAS' shoulder titles.
At the top of each sleeve is the colour patch and a machine woven chevron have been stitched to the right sleeve. A fabric belt passes around the waist and fastens with a buckle at the front. A white maker's label stitched on the inside of the jacket below the collar reads 'N295 1942. SIZE 5 Made in Australia'. Identification details are also written on the maker’s label.

Registration number:

Production date:
1942 – Made in Australia

Oxidised brass

There’s A War On! World War II at Home is a Museums & Galleries NSW travelling exhibition. The exhibition showcases the varied experiences of the men, women and children who fought the war on the home front and includes precious WWII artefacts, memorabilia, photographs and video footage from around NSW.
To complement this exhibition, the Museum & Gallery have created has created our own special display focusing on the changes that occurred in the St George district during the war years.
Special objects on display include items belonging to local NES wardens, emergency supplies issued to school children and articles belonging to members of the Australian Women’s Land Army. This jacked will feature as part of the display.

Exhibition details:
There’s a War On! WWII at Home
Exhibition dates: April 24 – June 17, 2010
Official opening: Saturday 24 April at 1.00 pm
RSVP on 9330 6444

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

DVDs and CDs free to members of Hurstville City Library

Why not join Hurstville Library and borrow our extensive range of DVD titles, music CDs and Audio Books. We have a fantastic mix of titles to suit all tastes. Check out the catalogue for your favourite titles don't forget they are free to all library members.

Highlighting DVD titles nominated for 82nd Acadmey Awards. Some titles may already be on our shelves or coming very soon.
  • Inglourious Basterds - nominated for "Actor in a Supporting Role" (Winner - Christoph Waltz), "Cinematography", "Directing", "Film Editing', "Best Picture", "Sound Editing", "Sound Mixing", "Writing "(Original Screenplay)".
  • District 9 - nominated for "Film Editing', "Best Picture", "Visual Effects", "Writing (adapted screenplay)".
  • UP - nominated for "Best Animated Feature Film" (Winner), "Original Score" (Winner).
  • The Cove - nominated for "Documentary Feature" (Winner).
  • Julie & Julia - nominated for "Actress in a Leading Role".

  • Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince - nominated for "Cinematography".
  • Coraline - nominated for "Animated Feature Film".

For our younger and young at heart members who are interested in music CDs here are a few titles that may interest you:

Friday, March 12, 2010

LMG Manager's Study Exchange to USA

Library Museum & Gallery Manager Rebekah Schulz will represent Hurstville City Council on the Rotary Group Study exchange to the US in April. Rebekah will visit a variety of libraries and museums in Connecticut to investigate the converged model of service delivery. You can follow Rebekah on her trip via the Rotary Group Study Exchange Blog.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gemma says: try this!

So, one of our most diligent and innocent staff (otherwise known as Gemma) was sharing her holiday photos and videos with me. What can I say? I couldn't resist but share this gem of a snippet with you. I need a coat, I'm getting cold. Enjoy!

Seniors rule

Seniors are really embracing all aspects of technology and their attitude should encourage us to support this generation that has come into the deal pretty late. My 70 year old Mum is texting and it's just that in between message that we can send to each other between calls that says I'm part of your world as she knows how busy I am. It's ok if you are technically challenged, there is always someone around to help and if you do embrace it and want to learn there is a whole host of tools that can support you. I think grandkids especially the teens are the best teachers for grandparents and even younger as all 5-10s are pretty clued up. They like being the knowledge banks for a change.
Check out our new Dynamic Learning suite of programs on the LMG website under Education Programs which teaches you computer use from the beginning as well as the Microsoft Office programs and then tests you once you become more proficient. I think it's great and easy to use. You can access it from the comfort of home or come into the library, just using your membership card and follow the instructions. The other great database is Ancestry and I know how popular that is with Seniors especially as they try to get the family history done and find out some new things about their ancestors. The Ancestry database can only be accessed in the library but it is so addictive that you will want to keep using it as it has so much genealogical information. There is a whole other world that is waiting.....jump in

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just borrowed the DVD Balibo from the Hurstville City Library. I was so annoyed when I missed this at my local Cinema. I've always thought that Anothony Lapaglia is a fanstastic actor, how good was he in Lantana? Good Australian cinema is just that. Good! I do roll my eyes when I see the words "Based on a true story" as a tagline but then again there is also a book published that I wouldn't flinch at. So really, I just need to forget all those bad Hollywood movies that are so loosely based on a true story they rewrite the true history of a war (U-571 *cough*)

Friday, March 05, 2010

Urthboy - Shruggin feat. Jane Tyrrell

I live in the inner west of the S-Y-D, there's nowhere else I'd rather be.... well naturally apart from Hurstville!

Stumbled upon this video a few days ago. Maybe it is time we ordered Urthboy's latest. Hopefully it is as good as his last release (titled The Signal) because it is a very popular item in our catalogue.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Full free access to some great Australian content

Sometime the best things in life are free. When it comes to research the internet is pure gold. Some recent additions to our weblinks have been products from the National Library of Australia. I'm honestly suprised that more people do not know about these great tools. - Full text Australian Newspapers. Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803 to 1954 As the tag goes, one search... a wealth of information. I particularly love the map search.

In other news if you have a maths problem you need solved, check out I think I would have passed a lot more maths exams if I could have taken this thing with me.