Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wartime Love Story

Do you know these soliders?

Following a recent call to residents for war memorabilia, the Museum was delighted to receive a photo album dating from 1942. The story behind this album and the people featured in it are sketchy.

Here's what we know:
The album contains photographs of the young soldier John Campbell and his mates ‘Andy’ and ‘Aussie’ during their recourse in North Africa. Lovingly put together, the album is dedicated “to Joan” undoubtedly John’s sweetheart.

The album’s donor, Narwee resident Betty Wallace, received the album from long time friend Joyce Waring. Joyce lived in Balmain and was the neighbour of Joan Perry – could this be the ‘Joan’ that the photo album was dedicated to? As best as Joyce can recollect John and Joan were married and moved to Milperra but alas this is where the information ends.

Help us solve the mystery!

The museum would love to find out more information about the characters and personal stories that are contained in this album.

Can you recognise any of these people featured in the photo? Are the names Campbell or Perry familiar to you? If so, contact David White at the Museum on 9330 6443. The photo album and its history form part of an education program for high school students - St George and the World at War.