Thursday, January 06, 2011

Solaris the movie: Orginal vs George Clooney

Recently I stumbled upon the original russian version of Solaris by Tarkovsky in Hurstville Library's Russian DVD collection. The movie is based on a space station orbiting a mysterious planet called Solaris as terrified crew members experience strange phenomena, including weird visitors who are too human. Between you and I, it is a far superior version then the 2002 remake of Solaris directed by Steven Soderbergh and featuring George Clooney. Do not tell that to some of our staff members but, going by some of the paraphernalia on peoples desks, there seems to be a bit of George fan club going on in the work room.

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  1. How could you say that about George? Maybe we should blame the director? I'm sure George still was good to look at.