Monday, April 13, 2015

Remembering Them: People of St George & The First World War

Sailors' and Soldiers' Memorial

The Hurstville Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Memorial Monument, was unveiled in May 1922 to honour local people who died as a result of their involvement in the First World War. The monumnet was created through the industry and generosity of the Hurstville community. 

Unveiling of the Hurstville War Memorial in May 1922.
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection. 

The memorial was initially proposed to be a Memorial School of Arts building in MacMahon Street which would honour those killed in the conflict whilst also providing social and educational facilities for returned veterans. Ultimately however, the community decided to construct both a monument and a Soldiers’ Memorial Hall, the latter being officially opened in June 1929 and later becoming the Hurstville RSL Club. 

Hurstville Memorial Hall, 1930s.
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection.

The monument survived a proposal for its relocation in 1926 after which its surrounds were improved with the addition of turf, gardens, pathways and a flagpole. Fittingly, the names of local people killed in subsequent wars have been added to the monument. The memorial has witnessed the ebb and flow of passion for the commemoration of conflict, its very surrounds have undergone change, but its essential core, afforded it by the sacrifice of those it honours and the foresight and spirit of the community which insisted on its creation has been undiminished by time, adding to its reverence and empowering its manifold significance as local landmark, civic facility and, most poignantly, monument of tribute.

Hurstville Railway Square, c. 1926.
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection. 

Sailors' and Soldiers' Memorial, mid 1930s.
 Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection.

Hurstville Memorial surrounds, c. 1952.
Image: Hurstville city Library Museum & Gallery collection.

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