Monday, December 08, 2014

St George Art Awards 2014

People’s Choice Prize 2014

The winner of the People’s Choice Award was unveiled at the Museum & Gallery on Friday, 
5 December 2014. Over the past few months, visitors were able to vote for their favourite artwork in all of the categories of the St George Art Awards. Over 180 people voted and the votes were tallied up revealing a stand-out favourite. A few visitor comments were also singled out as being particularly thoughtful and creative and will be rewarded with prizes. 

Images: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery

Warhorse Metamorphosis, by Adam Galea, was awarded the prize at the People’s Choice Presentation & Party. Visitors caught a glimpse of the talented, young artist accepting his award and were able to have a closer look at the most popular piece. The piece also pleased the judges and had previously been awarded the St George 3D Art Prize.

Adam Galea and his Warhorse Metamorphosis
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery 

Many visitors voted for this artwork including a 2 year old, whose mum wrote: "Chosen by my 2 year old daughter. She says she chose it because:'It's scary, it looks like Harry Potter*, it has pockets*'. 
I think it's because it reminds her of the centaurs (she has seen pictures)!

Musical entertainment by student of Vicace Piano Studio
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery

Guests were treated to live music during the evening from students of Vivace Piano Studio whilst enjoying some refreshments and enjoying the artworks in its final week.
The St George Art Awards are on show until 14 December 2014. Don’t miss your chance to see Warhorse Metamorphosis for yourself!   

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