Monday, November 24, 2014

St George Art Awards 2014

What's your favourite artwork?

Written by Iris, Hurstville Museum & Gallery volunteer

The St George Art Awards finalists’ show has a wide variety of different artworks, such as sculptures and paintings, ranging from colourful to black and white, and from big to small. Each of these artworks is unique in its own way and can captivate the eyes of any audience.

Selfie in Excess, by Amy Dynan, particularly appeals to me as it is a reflection of how people in society (mainly teenagers) are now taking pictures of themselves. It reflects our current society and culture. The black and white colour scheme stands out to me as it appears old-fashioned yet with a contemporary feeling at the same time. The medium of this artwork is charcoal powder printed on paper creating the black and white effect of the artwork. The white background makes the feature image stand out. Selfie in Excess is intricately detailed, with each accessory that the figure is wearing drawn with great care. The tones and shading are quite nicely blended together. It appears to be a photograph as Amy Dynan has succeeded in producing a very realistic artwork that looks like an actual ‘selfie’.

Selfie in Excess is a contemporary artwork with much attention to detail. It can appeal to many audiences as it is a reflection of today’s culture and society, allowing it to be easily understood by everyone.

Selfie in Excess by Amy Dynan
Image: Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection

Don’t miss your chance to see Selfie in Excess and many other great artworks at the St George Art Awards on show until Sunday 14 December 2014. 

Vote for your favourite before Sunday 30 December 2014 and come along to our People’s Choice Presentation & Party on 5 December 2014 where we will reveal everyone’s favourite works.

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