Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Family Story Time in support of 60 Minutes for MS Friday 22 August 6.00pm


Join us for a special all-ages family storytelling performance at Hurstville Library on Friday 22 August at 6:00pm. Talented performer Bronwyn Vaughn will delight children and adults alike with her new show “My Fine Feathered Friends”, a delightful story incorporating story, song, music, dance and puppetry. Please book online or at the library in advance – tickets are for children only, but parents are welcome to attend. This event supports “60 minutes for MS” and we encourage everyone attending to support this cause by donating online.

 Bronwyn Vaughan is simply mesmerising. Her unique style of storytelling is highly theatrical, characterised by drama, action, humour, wit, intelligent engagement and involvement. She uses a wide array of theatrical tools – movement, music, song, dance, puppetry, traditional and contemporary musical instruments, and compelling characterisations – to create a rich and rewarding theatrical experience for young audiences.

 When Ms Peacock falls asleep in the park, a passing bird lays an egg and flies away. Ms P wakes to find the egg on her head, and she knows what she must do. She keeps it warm and dry and, when it hatches, takes on the task of raising the bird, teaching it all it needs to know through stories.
This delightful and whimsical performance is based on stories about birds from a variety of cultural sources – Chinese, African and Australian – and explores the world of birds, looking at birds’ song, flight, intelligence and problem solving, as well as broader themes of freedom and captivity, bravery, ingenuity, friendship, and the close bond between humans and animals.





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