Friday, March 21, 2014


Stories from 14 MacMahon Street – St George Rugby Club

Image courtesy of Craig Fear

In the 1960s, 14 MacMahon Street became the new club house and recreational centre for the St George Rugby Club. St George Rugby players, families and friends, the opposing teams and referees would meet after Saturday home games at the clubhouse for speeches, sing-a-longs and a good time. Later in the evenings a three man band, all rugby players, performed upstairs and everybody started dancing on a little dance floor.

Craig Fear, one of the players, still remembers:

“The floor used to bounce around and anyone in that first room were always a bit worried about to be sitting there, because the ceiling used to bounce up and down.”

The main bar area, today’s main gallery, was the ‘real rugby room’ where everyone mingled. In the early days of the clubhouse women weren’t allowed in. They had to stay in a separate ‘lady’s lounge’ and waive to their male friends to order a new drink.

Image courtesy of Craig Fear

On display in the exhibition is the original door sign of the St George Rugby Club. The screw holes for it are still visible next to our Museum & Gallery entrance door.

These are just some of the stories of 14 MacMahon Street. Come and visit the multisensory exhibition IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK  to find out more about the building’s past.

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