Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Are Australians being ripped-off with IT goods?

Photograph: Choice Online. Retrieved 7th August, 2013.
According to a recent Choice article, Australians are paying 50% more for computers, software, games and music. Choice's in-depth analysis reveals that Australians are paying on average 50% more for PC games, 34% more for software, 51% more for iTunes music, 88% more for Wii games and 41% more for computer hardware than our US counterparts.
One software package in particular, the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate (with MSDN), was $8, 665.29 more expensive in Australia. Choice notes that 'for this amount, it would be cheaper to employ someone for 46 hours at the price of $21.30 an hour and fly them to the US and back at your expense. Twice'.
Federal Labor politicians are seeking an enquiry into why Australian consumers are paying so much more than overseas consumers, for identical products.To read more about this and to discover ways in which you can try to circumvent these outrageous price differences, ask staff at Hurstville City Library to log you in to Choice Online for the full free article.

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