Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Ita Buttrose & Cold Chisel

The recent visit of media personality Ita Buttrose to the Marana Auditorium (Hurstville Entertainment Centre) got us thinking about the strange but true like between Ita and the Australian rock and roll band Cold Chisel. Did you know that Cold Chisel's 1980 album East included a track about Ita? Called simply Ita, the track was a tribute to her prominent position in the Australian media at the time. And despite popular opinion to the contrary, Ita herself has said she was happy about the song.

You can hear Ita on The Best of Chisel, and read more about the band in Cold Chisel: Wild Colonial Boys by Michael Lawrence. Both items are available at Hurstville Library.

Ita's biography Ita Buttrose: A Passionate Life, is also available at Hurstville Library.

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  1. Hey, we could ask Ita to use her influence to convince Cold Chisel to play at the Marana Auditorium!