Monday, March 04, 2013

WOMAD Festival 2013

The WOMAD Festival kicks off this Friday 8 March and runs over 4 days at Adelaide's inner-city Botanic Park.  A diverse audience attends this festival to enjoy some of the world's best traditional and contemporary music and dancing. Not only are there performances at the WOMAD they have workshops, amazing food, a Kidzone and much more.  WOMAD has been going since 1992 in Australia and is one of our country's favourite festivals.

The library has a number of  artists in our music collection who will be performing at WOMAD. Some CDs are available in our collection now and others are coming very soon.  The "coming soon" items may be placed on reservation if you are a library member.

Moment by Mia Dyson
Struck Down by Mia Dyson
The Cat Empire by The Cat Empire
Cinema by The Cat Empire
Two Shoes by The Cat Empire
Blessed by Soweto Gospel Choir
African Grace by Soweto Gospel Choir (coming soon)
Vivir Es Mucho Mas by Illapu (coming soon)
Antibalas by Antibalas (coming soon)
Alma de Cantaora by Amparo Sanchez (coming soon)
An Introduction to Mari Boine by Mari Boine (coming soon)
And Tamir Muskat by the Alaev Family (coming soon)
Guwak by East Journey (coming soon)
Afro by Novalima (coming soon)
Tra Parole Silenzio by Mara & Martenitsa Choir (coming soon)
Into the Trees by Zoe Keating (coming soon)
Icon by Jimmy Cliff (coming soon)
Rebirth by Jimmy Cliff (coming soon)

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