Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winner announced for August in the LMG Digital Photography Competition

The judges for the LMG Digital Photography Competition met last week to select the winner for the August heat. Judges looked for the photos displaying great technical ability, while best addressing the theme of Question.

The judges ended up narrowing the pool down to two entries. Firstly, they thought this photo beautifully contrasted the colour of the guitar against the black and white ambiance of the surrounding scenery. They began to wonder about a poetic life as a rogue traveller, leading them to question the kind of stories behind the lonely traveller and their guitar.

However, after careful discussion and consideration, the judges thought this photo best represented this month's theme. They thought the photo was a powerful representation of one's faith and the difficult questions we all ask ourselves during tough times. The judges also felt the sharp focus on the charms in contrast with the blurred figure of the girl-in-question, expressed a well balanced photographic technique. Congratulations to Ashleigh for her submission.

The Judges were so impressed by the photos in August, they cannot wait to see what September produces. The theme for September is "Grow". Leave a comment if you have an idea for what you are going to submit, or better yet, leave a comment if you want someone to capture your idea. Below is a slideshow of all the entries submitted for August.

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