Friday, August 31, 2012

Are libraries still relevant?

Having seen quite a few new and renovated libraries in the last few years, I was interested to note the recent letter in the St George Leader by a Rockdale resident on plans for the new local library building. Of course there will be a huge financial cost to the Council and ratepayers but this reader was adamant that this new library would become a "white elephant". On speaking to people in conversation there is an urban myth that technology is making Libraries irrelevant. Libraries have been and continue to undergo huge changes and are constantly evolving. Technology does not mean that Libraries are redundant, on the contrary, they are are hub of community engagement providing programs from birth to the grave. The great thing about Libraries is that there are physical libraries where we can spend time but they do close. The virtual library never closes and offers information database resources and borrowing e-collection at all hours, every day. If you have a look at the range of programs offered at most Council Libraries and the use of spaces for a wide range of activities that educate and entertain, the future for Libraries looks very bright.

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