Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prime Minister's Literary Award winners for Children and Young Adult categories



Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2012 – Children’s fiction

Isn’t it strange that although half asleep, the rituals of preparing for bed can suddenly make a child wide-awake and full of energy and mischief. In the book “Goodnight, Mice!” written by Frances Watts, illustrated by Judy Watson, the mice children named Mitzi, Billy, Clementine and Oliver all seem more than ready for bed until it’s time to actually prepare for bed. Kissing Grandpa, bathing, brushing teeth, changing into pyjamas (Oliver discovers he has no buttons!) takes time and more energy than parents often have. How many times will Dad have to read the bedtime story? A delightful and entertaining book for all ages.

Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2012 – Young Adult fiction

“When we were two” written by Robert Newton has won the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2012 – young adult fiction award. Dan tells of fleeing from an abusive father with his little brother Eddie and their journey searching for their mother. Set in the time of the Great War, there are many pitfalls on the road for the two boys, especially with Eddie’s innocent friendliness leading them into one dangerous situation after another. Even when they meet up with group of men marching to the coast to enlist in the war, it takes all Dan’s skills and wits to keep them safe.
It is not just a physical journey, it’s also Dan’s journey into acceptance and emotional maturity.

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