Monday, June 04, 2012

Last chance to see

I'm always interested in milestone events in science, especially astronomy.
As you may have heard in the media, unless you have been on another planet (couldn't resist the pun), the transit of the planet Venus across the Sun will be visible on Wednesday from 08.16am until 02.44pm in the southern hemisphere. It is so exciting how technology has developed to a point where it can record, link and engage the peoples of the world almost simultaneously through events. I still remember the Moon landing of 1969 as a child and the excitement watching a grainy black and white image of what is now a historic event.

There is a timely new book about the history of the Transit of Venus, Transit of Venus: 1631 to the present, written by Nick Lomb, a curator in Astronomy at the Sydney Observatory. The Sydney Observatory website will be streaming the Transit of Venus live  from 08.16am to 02.44pm AEST.

You can view lots of interesting magazine and journal articles on  the Transit of Venus and any other Science related fields online through the EBSCO database on the Library website under Research databases.
Simply use your Hurstville Library card number and this and many other information resources are available to you.

Venus will transit the Sun on Wednesday June 6 2012 and it will be last chance to see until 2117.


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