Friday, March 02, 2012

Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs' asked Walter Isaacson to write his life story his reason for doing so was (a) Isaacson wasn't an Apple insider and (b) no one could accuse it of being an inside job. For someone who was a infamous control freak it was a surprising move, but I think the book comes off better for it. It's an honest portrayal of Jobs who, at times, does not come across as a very nice person (to put it politely). But I think he may have approved (sadly Jobs died weeks before this was published and, as far as I know, never saw the final text).

While Jobs may not have been a nice person, he was responsible for some of the greatest innovations in technology for the last 50 years. While I'd like to say I'm writing this on a MacBook (I used to have one but some devil stole it, along with my two iPods a few years ago), I am writing it on a Windows PC who's look was influenced by the Mac's original GUI. Plus, outside of working hours, I'm contantly downloading tracks off iTunes to play on my new iPod. And I've got friends who rave about their iPhones and iPads. Jobs changed the world in ways few people have. And for that we should be thank full.

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