Friday, February 10, 2012

Year of Reading thoughts

I have been thinking about what the Year of Reading can achieve and there are ways that as a community we can all work together to make sure people, and young people especially, can enjoy all the benefits that reading can offer.

There are people in our community who do not enjoy reading, not because they don't like it, more that they don't have the proper skills that they may have missed out on. There are very legitimate reasons that impact on that person and their abilities. The feelings that those people experience everyday in not being able to read or read well as a necessity, let alone for enjoyment, affects their life and confidence. If we can share our enjoyment and gift of reading with others who struggle with this during 2012 and beyond, then we will all be richer for sharing. For those that love to read, it's a year to celebrate the benefits reading adds to your life.

Lisa - Children's Library

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