Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Annie Murray

Have you ever read a book that you wished would never end, and when it does you feel like you have lost a good friend? All the days of our lives by Annie Murray is one of these.
This is the final book in a trilogy beginning with A Hopscotch Summer and Soldier Girl.
It's 1946 the war is over and three young women Kate, Em and Molly face a new life. But this brings its own problems.
Katie O'Neill's life is dominated by a temperamental mother in a household of many secrets she doesn't understand. Starved for love she meets up with a charming young man who leaves her with a son to bring up on her own. Spurned by her mother she sets out to start a new life.
Em Brown has spent the war living at home with her parents raising her son born while her husband Norm was away at war. Finally after all the waiting he returns but brings with him a new set of problems.
Molly Fox after a sad and brutal childhood joins the Womens Army during the War and at last finds a place to belong.But when the War is over the women are no longer wanted and Molly finds life bleak and difficult as she seeks a place to call home.
I could not put this book down and am now reading other titles by Annie Murray held at Hurstville City Library.

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