Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AC/DC quiet and boring or loud and wild?

AC/DC performing at Marana Auditorium, c.1970s.
Image courtesy of Rob Walker

"...the crowd failed to raise the roof and the evening missed out on the climax promised earlier." Rolling Stone, 214, June 1976.

This is how one of AC/DC's many gigs at the Hurstville Council's Civic Rock dances was described by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1976.

Did you attend gigs at Marana Auditorium? Were they really so quiet and boring? Or were they loud and wild as Australian rock and roll performances tend to be? We'd love to hear your memories.

To find out more about other great bands who performed at the Civic Rock concerts visit Hurstville City Museum & Gallery's Let Me Entertain You exhibition, on display until 22 October at 14 MacMahon St, Hurstville.

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