Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas!

Mother's day is just around the corner, and mothers all over Australia already have high expectations as to what they want to do on Sunday 8th May, 2011. They want to have breakfast in bed; to get lots of presents; and to be able to curl up and watch a good movie and/or read a good book.

Now if you get the feeling that you are going to be demanded to play courier, between Hurstville LMG and your mother, for these books and movies, but are not sure of what you will get her... then never fear because Hurstville LMG is here!

Once again I sweet talked the LMG staff into giving me a few ideas as to what they think mothers would like to see/watch for Mother's Day, and I have narrowed the list down to the top ten ideas for you!

First of all is Bridget Jones' Diary. We have the novel, audio book and movie all available at Hurstville Library.
Second is Pride and Prejudice. This classic novel is loved by women everywhere, and we currently hold the novel, audio book, movie and BBC series version at Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.
Third are books by Lisa Kleypas who is a wonderful romance author. Some of her books are available at Penshurst and the rest at Hurstville Library.
Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, was the fourth recommendation given. The novel and DVD are available at Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.
The fifth suggestion was the author James Patterson, an incredible Crime/Thriller author. His books are available in various languages as well as on Overdrive, at Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.
The sixth suggestion was another author, John Grisham. His novels are available in many languages, as well as on Overdrive and in audio books format, at Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.

The seventh suggestion was the musical Grease, available on DVD at Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.
Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was the eighth recommendation given by the Hurstville LMG staff. This book is available at both Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries.

Janet Evanovich, a humorous author, came as the ninth recommendation. Her books are available as audio books and in large print, at Hurstville and Penshurst Libraries.
The final suggestion, for when all else fails, is one of our many Penshurst paperback novels. Available at both Penshurst and Hurstville Libraries, there are many romance novels to suit all mothers' tastes.

So hurry in and check out some of these great ideas!

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