Monday, January 31, 2011

Night of the Living Trekkies

One of the advantages of being the library's acquisitions officer is that I get to see all the new stock as it comes through (it can be an occupational hazard too). So when this title landed on my desk it just screamed out to be read.
Night of the Living Trekkies can be best described as a cross between what goes on at a Star Trek convention (which are pretty strange affairs at the best of times... so I've heard!) and Night of the Living Dead. As the planet (well... Houston, Texas at least) teeters on the brink of being overrun by the living dead, a ragtag group of fanboys and fangirls have to survive the night and get to safety before the government bombs Houston back to the stoneage.
A lurid, but entertaining read.
Disclaimer: the author of this post would like it know that he has never attended a Star Trek convention in his life and only knows them by reputation. He has, however, attended a few Doctor Who ones which are considerably more sedate affairs.

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