Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do You Love To Write? Yes!

Check out these works hot off the press from the recent Hurstville City Library youth creative writing project! ‘Do You Love To Write?’ was a series of fun, relaxed writing workshops for young people. The group worked on their techniques, learnt skills and received feedback from authors, culminating in a publication and launch of their work. There are more writing workshops coming up, starting on Tuesday 9th November from 4.30pm at the Library and continuing right through until May 2011, if you would like to be involved call 9330 6118 for more information. Until then, have a look at these cool short stories from the group!

In trouble

By Amelia S.

He knew he was in trouble when the teacher called out his name.
“Yes, Miss?” His voice squeaked.
“Up,” she ordered.
He glanced around the room. The other students were a sea of curious eyes watching him. He gulped loudly and stood up. His chair scraped against the floor.
“Jay, do you know why I’m making you stand up?” asked Miss Miller, leaning against her desk.
“No, Miss,”
Miss Miller raised an eyebrow. Jay’s knee shook.
“You’re not lying, are you, Jay?”
He could feel sweat beads form across his forehead which he wiped with the back of his hand.
“No, Miss, I wouldn’t lie,” he said, hoping his squeaky response wouldn’t give him away.
“Hmm,” said Miss Miller, tapping a pen against her lips.
His teacher shook her head and walked around the other side of the desk.
“Sit down, Jay.”
He sat down quickly as his classmates broke into whispers.
Jay watched as Miss Miller went through the papers piled on her desk.
Please, please don’t let her find it. He prayed silently.
But Miss Miller found what she was looking for, the piece of paper that could –
“Well class,” she began, “it seems that I am going to have to interview every single one of you now.” She stared at the paper in her hands.
Jay’s best friend, Thomas, stared at him. He shrugged. Even though Jay was the only one who knew what Miss Miller was talking about, he figured that acting clueless was the best option.

“Miss, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Jay.
“Miss, you haven’t exactly told us anything about this catastrophe,” chimed Thomas, hoping to help his friend out. There were a few nods of agreement around the classroom.
Miss Miller held up the piece of paper.
“This is what I’m talking about,” she said.

The most unusual day in the world

By Cate H.

One day I was walking to school when something unusual happened. I could see my friends running towards me, squealing and screaming excitedly.
“Why are you so excited”? I asked them.
At first they didn’t respond. I kept asking them why they were so excited. Finally I got an answer.
“You’re the best singer in the world because your album went to second place over night!”
My two friends told me that I would work it all out when I got to school.
When we got to school, everyone started running towards us.
Then we saw the backs of two men and I wondered who they were.
When they turned around, we realised they were Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My friends screamed so loudly.

“Quiet,” they said. “We don’t want to get caught.”


By Denise C.

I remember when I first heard him. I wanted to pinch myself, convinced that this was just a dream. I wanted to run around the hospital room, screaming and laughing like a lunatic. This was it. My biggest wish since I was four years old.
“He’s coming,”said the doctor.
Those two words turned my legs to jelly and a sudden chill ran down my back. Tears burst from my eyes, tears that I didn’t try hiding. Still, I promised myself I’d be strong, just for mum. The doctor held him carefully, supporting his neck. Mum pushed. She didn’t scream or cry like in the movies. My brother’s cries made me want to soothe him, reassure him that the world he was entering was OK.

I watched transfixed as my mother closed her eyes and gave a final push. My heartbeat quickened, my mouth went dry. The doctor turned to me.
“I need you to help me pull him out.”

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