Tuesday, October 05, 2010

But wait- There's more!

The response to the Cram For The HSC sessions so far has been amazing- so there are more on the way! After this Friday (8th October) session, the Cram series will be moving to weeknights so you can get that extra bit of realxed group studying done during the week. The Cram Sessions will continue on the following dates:
-Wednesday 13th October, 5-9pm
-Wednesday 20th October, 5-9pm
-Thursday 28th October, 5-9pm
-Tuesday 2nd November, 5-9pm.

Remember, please put you name down at the info desk in the library to make sure we are prepared with snacks and other goodies for you and your friends, and during this stressful exam time, please respect the space and one another here at the library and use the quiet study area for quiet study ONLY, thank you!

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